very happy to have WON the 3rd prize and 2 special prizes at the BARTOK WORLD COMPETITION IN BUDAPEST WITH SONORO QUARTET!

In the autumn of 2021 Sonoro Quartet obtained the second prize and two special prizes at the Bártok World Competition in Budapest. They received invitations to perform at the Bártok Memorial House and the Auer Festival in Veszprém.
33 string quartets from nineteen different countries applied, after which the jury selected fifteen of them through a first video round to take part in the live competition. After two rounds 5 ensembles from Japan, New York, Vienna, Budapest and Belgium went through to the finals. Already with their first video recording the violinists Mona Verhas and Jeroen De Beer, violist Seamus Hickey and cellist Paul Heyman left a big impression on Péter Kováts, artistic director of the Auer Festival. The jury consisted of prestigious artists like Mikhail Kopelman (Borodin Quartet), András Keller, (Keller Quartet), Barnabás Kelemen (Kelemen Quartet), Bjørg Lewis (Vertavo Quartet), Johannes Meissl (Artis Quartet), and others. With their personal and energetic interpretation of Haydn, Beethoven, Schubert, Brandenburg and their musical maturity in Bártok, the quartet was able to convince the jury. 

“I really loved your playing. You have great future ahead!” (Mikhail Kopelman, Borodin Quartet). 

The preparation was compromised when violist Seamus Hickey broke his collar bone two months before the competition. After reflection the quartet decided to take part anyway which turned out to be the right decision. “Regardless of the circumstances, having to work twice as hard right before the first round, we enjoyed it immensely. We gave all our energy and were able to share on stage what Sonoro Quartet is about, and most importantly we were able to express the music as we intended to.” (Paul Heyman, cellist) 

Now the quartet focusses on new projects like their recent premiere of the new production ‘Weg van César Franck’, with 14 more performances in 2022 around Belgium. With this production the quartet celebrates the 200th anniversary of the Belgian composer César Franck. 

25th October 2021- 31st October 2021 // Budapest, Hungary
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© Liszt Academy/ László Mudra & Dénes Erdõs

© Liszt Academy/ László Mudra & Dénes Erdõs 

II. Klara puts a promising young generation in the spotlight in 2022: DE TWINTIGERS!


Klara looks to the future and presents a generation of people in their twenties who are making a difference. The young musicians come from different areas that belong to the music radius of Klara: classical, jazz and world.

Between January and May, they put one musician in the spotlight every week, with contributions in various programs, online attention and a streamed live concert from Studio Toots as the highlight.

I will be invited for De Twintigers from Monday 18th of April on Klara with my concert on Sunday 24th of April!


The weekly program looks as follows:

// Espresso (on Monday): de Twintiger of the week briefly introduces him/herself!

// Music Matters (Monday to Thursday): a daily contribution about four key works that tell a little more about him/her. 

// The Twintigers (Sunday): Johannes Wirix-Speetjens talks live with the Twintiger of the week. The concert recorded at Studio Toots forms the heart of this broadcast. Johannes asks questions about the musician and the person behind the music.

// Online: at klara.be and in the Klara app there is a separate program-page with the necessary information, a video portrait of the Twintiger and a link to the concert that can be viewed via VRT.NU.


De Twintigers will descend on Klara for ten weeks. Between Monday 31 January and Sunday 1 May, except during the school vacations, one musician will be in the spotlight every week. This youthful virtuoso appears in various programs and also on klara.be and in the Klara app.  The highlight is a new program on Sunday afternoon, with a concert from Studio Toots in the VRT building. You can listen to it on Klara and watch it on klara.be and VRT NU.

More information: https://www.vrt.be/nl/over-de-vrt/nieuws/2022/01/10/klara-pakt-uit-met-tweede-editie-de-twintigers/

31st of January 2022- 1st of May 2022 // Brussels, Belgium

EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE THAT IN OCTOBER 2021 I won the position as Assistant Principal 2nd Violin at the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra! 

Happy, grateful and looking forward to this start of many more adventures! I will start my trial in September 2022.


11th of October 2021 // Antwerp, Belgium